My Post-Christmas Catch-up Video.



It's a little late - but - Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Etc!vI'm sorry it took me this long to upload a new video.

After spending so much time and effort on Blorb & Snurd - I've been totally wiped out. I wanted to do some vlogs, but it's been a crazy scramble getting everything sorted out for the holidays while running on empty.

I needed to take a little break to recharge my batteries - but the feeling of not working on something has made my rest restless, and it has been frustrating. I need to be crushing a project - I don't have the juice to crush one right now.

I have to allow myself to be okay with this.

Here's some of the stuff that has gone on the last few weeks that I've been MIA…

We made a run to IKEA to get these shelves - and they have revolutionized the space.

I finally got the film and scans back from a short film I shot in the summer. It was the first time I'd ever shot a film... on film. It's an experimental piece called "Missing Teeth"

As it was part of the one-take-super-8, I had only one roll of film and no editing.

With a lot of unknowns - and no room for error - I really took a gamble on the in-camera special effects I attempted. Most of it involved some simple projection mapping, and even a forced perspective shot where I made a miniature of a long hallway.

It all worked out. I'm pretty damn happy with it - and I'm going to see if I can get it screened at some festivals. 

Santacon 2018

I already did kind of a year in review back in November - so I'm go try to NOT rehash what I said there, but, in 2018 I made about 60 YouTube videos, and FOUR short films. So, I'd say it's been productive. I've been learning so much along the way. Doing this stuff makes me happy.

Now, it isn't always easy - challenging yourself inherently isn't - but I have some amazing support from my girl, Krystle, and I'm certain this year wouldn’t have been what it was without her. 

I was going to go into what I have planned for next year - but that can wait until next year. For now - I have to take it easy for a while - play the shit out of Breath of the Wild without feeling guilty about it. Because; I followed through on everything I set out to do this year - and that gives me confidence going into next year.

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