Tyrone Deise 


Image and sound…

A self-taught graphic designer and filmmaker; Tyrone Deise was born quite close to the geographical centre of North America, in the 'one great city' of Winnipeg to be specific. A complex and beguiling place that not only serves as his home, but as a major influence and source of inspiration. 

With a strong distaste for repeating himself, he chooses to remain a moving target in a constant challenge to treat each project as a complete departure from everything before it. His goal is to create films of all types - from the real to the fantastic and from the accessible to the experimental.

"The paradoxical nature of truths inform the themes of recursion and self-reference, both visual and conceptual, that permeate my work. Intrigued by the concept of duality, meta-narratives as well as an affinity for the absurd; my pieces often utilize double entendre, nested elements and aspects of object/subject reversal in an attempt to create a dense internal framework of parallel yet contradictory contexts... does that sound pretentious art-speak enough for ya?!"

Photo by    Dave Swiecicki